How Mindful Are you ? Mindfulness self assessment questionnaire
Read these statements carefully. If you feel you match the description given, mark 5 and if you are not like that please mark as 1. And use the other scores to show in between stages.
1. I do not get easily disturbed, I can work even without a quiet, personal spaced Question
2. When I am on a task I can pay attention fully and be engaged in the task until I reach the expected milestone
3. When I return to the task it is easy to start from where I stopped ie ( return to a document you were working and start from where you stopped without having to trace back to the beginning)
4.When speaking I can easily come back to the point after a deviation
5 When I become distracted I am aware of it very quickly
6 When strong emotions (eg anger, jealousy, fear, shock) arise I become aware very quickly
7.When I speak harshly I become aware very quickly. Even scolding someone I can stop the moment I realize it
8. I rarely break trust when it comes to relationships
9 I notice different physical sensations as they arise when stressed, or emotionally charged
10 The moment I realize I am angry I can restrain my reactions
11 Even after a very highly emotionally challenged moment I can gain composure quickly
12 I do not get agitated easily
13 I can accept disadvantageous situations with a balanced mind
14 I rarely worry about the things that have to be done in the future
15 I rarely worry about situations that had arisen in the past
16 I can empathize with others easily
17 I can recognize my own intentions very fast
18 When I am with a person I give that person my total attention
19 I enjoy silence, nature, solitude
20 Most of the time I experience inner calm and composure within me
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