Name Lynette Endicott's Book in The STARTING OVER series!

Author Lynette Endicott is hoping fans can help her name the 5th book in her Starting Over series. Below is the book's synopsis. Please read the synopsis and submit your ideas for a title If Lynette likes your title, your name will appear in her book and you will receive a free copy. All entries must be received by October 10th. You may enter more than once, but please fill out a separate form per title. Please keep in mind that this is NOT a super-hero book. The title must be respectful of disability without being to corny. It is a look at normal, everyday life for a blind professional who is also a single mom. Please feel free to check out the other titles of the Starting Over series by visiting

Lynette will be reviewing all entries. If she doesn't feel any of the entries fit her vision for the book, no winner will be picked. If there are multiple entries that she feels could be the title of the book, then a survey will be sent out and whichever gets the most votes, will be the winner. Thank you in advance for your participation and we look forward to seeing some amazing titles!

Book #5 Synopsis:

Jordan, a disability rights attorney, never intended to be a single mom. When her husband, David, deserts her before the birth of their child, maybe it is for the best. His addiction to pain killers has made him unpredictable and maybe even dangerous to their daughter. Jordan figures out what supports she needs to make their life work without him. As a blind mom and active professional, she has to plan every step of their lives in a way she can manage. But with friends, paid help, technology and her service dog they can make a good life.

David runs far and fast to keep his family safe from his drug habit and the questionable characters he has to associate with to supply the pills that dull his pain. More than his body was injured in the shooting incident that ended his law enforcement career. He is still haunted by the death of a nearby youngster by a stray bullet. When he is arrested for another shooting -- one he can't remember -- he realizes that prison offers him the best chance at recovery in a controlled environment.

When David is released, and shows up clean and sober, Jordan has to decide if she can learn to trust him again.

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