Ballet Backstage calendar 2021 order form 月曆訂購表格
Ballet Backstage 2021 calendar pre-order starts from Oct 18, 2020. This year, we offered 100 sets of limited edition for 1 wall calendar and 1 desk calendar at a special price of HK$150.
Ballet Backstage 2021月曆由10月18日開始接受訂購。今年我們推出限量優惠,以優惠價HK$150購買限量一百套 (掛牆曆及枱曆各乙個) 套裝。
Please fill-in the information as below, we will notify you by email within 2 business days.
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Payment information 付款資料
1. Bank transfer 銀行轉脹
- Heng Sang Bank 恆生銀行

* Please email us the bank transfer receipt to within 5 days

2. Payme / FPS轉數快
- Payme/FPS contact number : 62852399

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4. Others 其他款付方式
- Please contact us by email :
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