Vita Learn NW Meeting Feb 10 RSVP and SHARE
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Which have you used?
Which Collaborative Platform do you have experience with?
Which are you interested in hearing about?
Which Collaborative Platform do you have interest in learning more about?
I would especially like a hands on session on
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OPTIONAL Online Sharing
Sharing your intiatives, questions, and gems here gives others more details, links, etc to supplement our face to face sharing. We can't always get all the 'details' in our share sessions, so use this space to flesh out the details of what you plan to share. We'll add it to the minutes.
Share Projects or Intitiatives?
What projects or initiatives are keeping you busy this year?
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Share Questions?
What questions, issues, or questions could you use support on from this group?
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Share GEMS?
Is there a tech Gem or website that you've discovered that you could share with group.
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Are there some announcements you'd like to share (include links)
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