Die Welt ist ein Dorf - de wereld is een dorp - the world is a village
t'eig, an independent theatre company from Graz, Austria, developed this questionnaire for a theatrical installation at Oerol 2016.
It will only take 5 minutes to answer the following questions. Please participate. Thank you!
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your dream village may come true - at least in your fantasy
How does your ideal place of residence look like?
The village is back in fashion. With one click, one is now global. So the whole world is already a village. Think globally, act locally. It's time to become small again, clearer, analogue - practical, family-friendly and more beautiful.
One wants a place with which one identifies, where you live, work, celebrate and can evolve. A place you can shape on your own and gives you shape. A place where one lives and not just exists. A place that is unique and stands out.
The point is to produce structures with personal contacts in an urbanlike environment. With a quality optimized requirement profile for a future habitat as a site for housing, education, work and leisure with a sustainable energy balance, excellent infrastructure, waste-free green space, trendsetting concept of mobility and innovative use of public space. One desires an identity-hood with intergenerational, social mixing.
But what elements and constellations does it take actually to create a village?
What do you need for your ideal place of residence?

1) In which landscape should your ideal village be located? *
2) Which shopping facility should be in close proximity? *
3) What are the most important public institutions in your ideal village? *
4) Which means of transport would you prefer in your ideal residence? *
5) Which sport facility do you need for your leisure? *
6) What would be the most important place for your social life? *
7) How would you keep away strangers from your beautiful village? *
8) How would you like to provide your village with energy? *
9) What would be your favorite accomodation in your ideal village? *
10) Which residential structures, not mentioned yet, do you need most at the place where you live? *
11) What would be the heraldic animal of your village? *
12) What could be the unique selling point of your village? *
(e.g.  most sunny days, largest cave system, highest air quality, increased expectation of life, most friendly habitants, unique animal and plant world etc)
13) What would be the name of your dream village? *
"Die Welt ist ein Dorf" is an advancement of the original t'eig project "Das Dorf" which was a coproduction in collaboration with the IN SITU European network for artistic creation on public space and the Festival La Strada Graz.

IN SITU: www.in-situ.info

La Strada Graz: www.lastrada.at
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