Photographic collection search survey
This survey is intended to explore the use and attitudes of researchers towards online museum collections.
There are a total of 11 questions.
Specifically we are looking for input from those individuals involved in photographic history research although input from any individual that uses image collections for any reason is very welcome.

By completing this survey you agree for your answers to be used as part of a PhD thesis and potentially in journal and conference publications/presentations related to said thesis.
The survey results will be anonymised before being used as part of any publication/presentation.

If after completing this survey you wish to have your responses removed for any reason then please contact me at

• Person names are stored only so that responses can be removed upon request.
• If you do not supply a name, then I will be unable to remove your responses upon request.
• Name information will not be used for any other purpose.

• The non-anonymised responses will be kept in a password protected file until the thesis is complete.
• Once the thesis is completed (expected to be the later half of 2013), the non-anonymised results will be deleted along with any backups.
• Non-anonymised responses will be kept absolutely no later than 2013, the anonymised responses will be retained.

• Once the non-anonymised responses have been deleted it will no longer be possible to remove responses upon request.

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