FRTA Event Grant Request
The application period is open January 1 to September 30, 2023.

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Projected outcomes and expected performance.  Specific projections are required for this grant. Tell us how you will know if you are successful.  We understand that estimating visitation and revenue can be challenging, but please do your best to make projections based on research, data, or other information from a variety of sources and state those sources in the application.  This section will be used when you submit your final report at the end of your program. You may add applicable performance outcomes as needed. *
Where will your attendees come from? 1) List specific locations for your top three FEEDER MARKETS for this event.  These could be specific cities, specific neighborhoods/zip codes in specific cities, and specific demographics in specific cities. 2) Indicate how you know this is your feeder market.  This can be as simple as stating that you capture zip codes, you use visitor logs, sales reports, etc. or as complex as referencing research studies and visitor profile studies. *
Event budget. Summarize your event budget here.  Be prepared to share more details if asked. *
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Describe how you will promote your event through strategic marketing efforts. We will be looking for an integrated approach to promoting your event by thinking about the best places to amplify your message and reach your intended audiences. List specific media placements, date of placement (month/year) and cost. Be as detailed as possible. *
Grant Request Amount:  Grant requests are limited to $5000 during this grant cycle. Others may be considered with adequate justification. *
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