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Have you ever heard the phrase: “It’s lonely at the top?"

This speaks the truth for many leaders - research shows that top executives are not alone in how they feel. A 2018 study published in the Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies concluded that senior managers are lonelier inside and outside of work because of the demands of their roles. This is especially true for senior-level leaders, who have no true peers at work. While the top can be lonely, it does not need to be.

The purpose of a mastermind group is to assemble like-minded, peer-to-peer professionals in an exclusive mentoring group. Peers are key to the success of these groups. When executives open up about goals, problems, and loneliness in a mastermind group, they can see that others have similar issues. Better yet, that others are willing to listen, provide advice, and hold executives accountable for their goals. Because of the collective wisdom of the group, Napoleon Hill, author of “Think and Grow Rich,” wrote that mastermind groups allow executives to accomplish more in a year than an entire lifetime of working alone. He went on to say that a mastermind group is  “a friendly alliance with one or more persons who will encourage one to follow through with both plan and purpose.”

You are cordially invited to join a new mastermind group facilitated by Dr. Luff. These groups are private and invite-only with no more than 5 to 7 members per group. Members are expected to make a one-year commitment and will meet virtually on a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis. The costs range from $600 to $1,200 per month and various payment options are available.

Dr. Luff has over 25 years of experience working with C-Suite executives in K-12 education, EdTech, and Nonprofit sectors. He is a certified CBT Cognitive Behavioral Life Coach and holds a bachelor's degree in business from Northeastern University, a master's degree in education from the Harvard University Graduate School of Education, and a Ph.D. in leadership studies and organizational consulting from the University of San Diego.

Here's my calendar link to discuss any additional questions you may have. Continue to RISE!
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