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Please fill out all three sections of this Registration Form for Continuing Classes

The first section is the Acknowledgement of our Voluntary Release and Waiver.  To take part in any of our activities you must acknowledge agreement with the terms.

The second section is Registration.  We need some personal information in order for you to become, or remain,
a member of Tai Chi Nanaimo and to attend classes.

The third section lays out Payment Options and Information.  Please choose your form of payment method.

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Please read our Voluntary Release and Waiver and Agree to abide by it.

To register you must read, and acknowledge your agreement with, the terms and conditions of our Voluntary Release and Waiver.

Agreement to abide by our Voluntary Release and Waiver

By using this form or taking advantage of any of our classes or services you automatically agree to abide by the terms of our Voluntary Release and Waiver (you can also find a copy of it on the Contact page of our website).

Voluntary Release and Waiver

I hereby ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE that, by completing, submitting or using pre-registration or registration form(s), I am waiving my legal right to recover from the Association for any loss, damage, or injury of any nature resulting from my participation in activities offered or instructed by the Association, its agents, officers, employees and assignee (the “Association”).

I voluntarily waive these rights on the following terms: I RELEASE ALL CLAIMS arising from my use of the Association’s facilities and services, including negligence on the part of the Association. I release and hold harmless the Association for any and all risks, danger, damage, hazard and the possibility of personal injury, death, expense, property damage and loss resulting from my use thereof. I ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE that the practice of Tai Chi is a physical activity which may result in physical injury.

I further acknowledge and agree that I am solely responsible for determining my physical ability to participate in the activities offered by the Association. I acknowledge and agree that I am solely liable for participating within my physical capabilities, including my state of physical and mental health, and for ceasing, modifying or reducing my participation based on the same I ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE that my participation in the activities and use of the facilities of the Association requires me to comply with the terms of this Voluntary Waiver.
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