We’re looking for super-hero mentors to help the problem solvers! If you’re an expert in any field and want to share your know-how with our teams, sign-up as a mentor. We’ll help you coordinate all the processes and use your valuable time as efficiently as possible.

We’re welcoming mentors from all areas, including software, hardware, legal, business, security, design, soft skills, data, and social sciences.

We are looking for “Hands-on Mentors” who can support one team throughout the entire Hackathon with their project development, through knowledge and experience sharing.

To optimise the project’s success, we will require the following from our Hands-on Mentors:

◾Availability for the entire weekend (Saturday 28.03. 8:30am - Sunday 29.03. 6pm) in order to guide a project team
◾Be able to hold 2 check-in calls each day with your team to help them evaluate their progress and take the next steps
◾Be the bridge to the organisational team, in case of any logistics issues that we can support with. Furthermore, we will need your support to select the right teams for our project pitches on Sunday.

Moreover, we are looking for “On-the-Call Mentors” available for specific expertise call-requests. As an On-the-Call Mentor you provide your expertise via virtual skills sessions, workshops or one-on-one calls.

Do you consider yourself a bearer of knowledge and experiences, do you want to contribute by providing your expertise for free? Do not hesitate and send us your application!.

Let’s #HackTheCrisis together!

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See intro for the description of the mentor roles. Biggest differentiation is that as a hands-on mentor you are responsible for one team throughout the hackathon. On the call mentors can offer individual calls and workshops on Saturday or Sunday.
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