Adoption Application
Applicant must be 18 years or older to apply for adoption of any animal. Please read each question and fill out properly or your application may be delayed.

Please apply for adoption only if you are ready. This would include at least a three sided shelter, fencing in good repair, and being financially able to adopt when you apply.

Adoption works in these easy steps…

1) Fill out this application and we will contact you for a phone interview. The information collected at this time will help us in making a good match when adding you to our potential adopter’s list. If there is a specific animal you would like to offer a home to, you can let us know below and arrangements will be made for you to be introduced to the animal if it is available.

2) The next step will be a facility check. We do ask that you pay a $25 to help offset the cost of fuel for us to travel to your farm or boarding facility. This is separate from the adoption fee. The time and date of the farm or boarding barn check will be made during your phone interview.

In the event your farm or boarding barn does not pass inspection at the time of the check, you will be allowed a reasonable length of time to make any suggested improvements before the animal is placed back up for adoption.

3) When your farm or boarding barn check has been completed and approved, we will call you to arrange a time to finalize you adoption. You are welcome to provide your own transportation for your adopted animal but, we can provide transport for a minimal fee of $3 per mile with a minimum $75 charge.

Once your adoption is approved, you have 7 days to pick up the animal or make arrangements to have it delivered. After the 7 days a $10 per day board charge will be added to your adoption fee. If this fee isn't paid in advance the animal will be placed back up for adoption, so please, do not apply unless you are ready to adopt.

We do allow adopters to board an equine as long as a boarding facility agreement is signed ahead of time.

No mares are allowed to be boarded or go to a farm that houses stallions on the property.

No horse will be adopted out to any facility, boarding barn, or training barn that houses "Padded" TWH's.

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