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In addition to request additional information, this application is used for purchasing a new franchise, an additional franchise, or the purchase and transfer of an existing store. The filing of this form does not obligate the applicant to purchase or the franchisor to sell a franchise or location. Complete in full and do not use abbreviations.
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(IMPORTANT NOTE: In Malaysia, all investors must be named on any franchise agreement executed in connection with this application, with exception of certain first degree kin. Outside of the Malaysia we may require that some or all of the investors be named on any franchise agreement executed in connection with this application. All investors to be named on the franchise agreement must fill out a separate application.)

*Investors are individuals who, in connection with any purchase of a franchise associated with this application, will: 1) contribute money toward the purchase of this franchise; 2) have ownership interest in either the franchise or any entity assigned the right to operate the franchise; or 3) act as co-borrower, co-signer or guarantor of a loan associated with the franchise
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