Latinx Arts Showcase Interest Form
Thank you so much for your interest in participating in our Charlotte Latin Pride Latinx Arts Showcase on May 30 from 6-8pm at Camp North End (1824 Statesville Avenue). Charlotte Latin Pride is a program of Charlotte Pride, a nonprofit organization working to uplift and highlight LGBTQ voices and stories in Charlotte.

We are looking to select 8-10 artists to showcase and highlight the incredible talents of our Latinx LGBTQ community in Charlotte. Please complete this interest form (it should take no more than 5 minutes), and we'll be in touch as soon as possible with next steps.

Thank you again!

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Do you identify as Latinx and LGBTQ? *
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All types of art are eligible for our showcase. Painters, photographers, videographers, dancers, drag performers, and many others are welcome to participate.
Can you provide us a link to any samples of your art?
Please provide at least three samples of your art. If you do not have files that can be uploaded, you may add a URL link in the next question.
Do you have a public website or social media profile? If so, please provide the URL here. *
If you are selected to participate, would you be willing to join us as a panelist during our showcase to discuss the importance of Latinx LGBTQ artists in Charlotte? *
Please feel free to tell us anything else about yourself. Thank you for your interest! *
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