Help us and thousands of other students by filling out this short and quick survey about how your university experience is/ was. The idea is to give future students more insight to what courses are actually like as it is very hard to really figure out what you want to do from that early a stage and be 100% certain.

The more detailed the answer, the better it will help other students out*

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Did you ever not know about what course to take? or feel uneasy about how or if you should go to uni? After-all it does cost £9000 a year (currently)
Many new or current students feel that RIGHT NOW! So help them by sharing your experience, as if you had a second chance to redo it all.
If you could re-do university, what tips would you tell yourself to do better and come out a lot stronger?
So please answer the following questions to the best you can to help future students not feel the awkwardness or unease that you and me once felt and go to university more comfortably and graduate more prepared.
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1. What was your university course name? *
2. Which university did you attend? *
3. Favourite university experience? *
4. Worst university experience? *
5. What 1 thing would you tell yourself about your course, if you could do it over? *
6. What tips would you give to students who want to take your course? (e.g. learn a certain software, specific resources they should use early) *
7. When was/will be your graduation year? (Only the year is required) *
8. Where do you currently work? And please briefly explain how you got the job (Through handing out CV's, grad scheme, agencies etc..) *
9. Why did you originally want to take your course? (Saying for financial reasons, or that you were unsure of what path to take are valid reasons) *
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