Welcome to the Exoplanet Imaging Data Challenge Hackathon at IPAC/Caltech
The second WFIRST Exoplanet Imaging Data Challenge Hackathon will be in Pasadena on June 24 and 25, 2019. The hackathon will be held in the Caltech Keith Spalding building, room 410. This hackathon is a mini-workshop to rehearse and improve our material before launching the real data challenge later this year, at the Spirit of Lyot conference in Tokyo.

This challenge is particularly well suited for students and junior researchers interested in high contrast imaging of exoplanetary systems. It is a fantastic opportunity to learn about the WFIRST CGI data format (EMCCD detector), specificities, and observing scenarios, and to make yourself known within the CGI community, Science Investigation Teams (SIT), future participating scientist program (PSP), Project Office, etc. We highly encourage all students and researchers to participate and are committed to creating an inclusive environment across race, gender, age, religion, identity, and experience.

Remote participation will not be possible for hackathon participants. Please plan to attend in person.

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