#DeferYourLicense Pledge
In order to make a difference today, small steps to reach a huge goal is more than just a necessity. Being young adults, it isn't easy to take big responsibilities  on our shoulders. Hence, why not help the environment using the resources we already have?

If you are aged between 14 and 25 and are actively studying in school/college, #deferyourlicense provides an easy yet powerful path towards reaching the ultimate goal. With just postponing getting your licence, you can see that you are doing your part in saving non-renewable resources, reducing traffic in your city, creating better standards of living and not to mention, improving your health both physically and mentally.

If you already have a driving licence, you can still be a part of this initiative by pledging not to use it or restrict the use of it as much as possible. In turn, you can use your cycles, walk or take the help of public transportation/shared transportation for commuting purposes.
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