2015-2016 Deputy Nomination Form


Welcome to the 2015-2016 Deputy Nomination Form! This Form must be filled out by Sunday, April 5th at 11:59pm. These positions will be voted on by council at the Joint Council Meeting, happening on Sunday, April 12th. Nominees are encouraged to attend this meeting to answer questions from council members, but they are not required to attend. If you would like to attend, please arrive at 3pm. Your nomination form answers will be distributed to council members at the meeting so they will be able to see what YOU have to contribute as a deputy!

NOTE: This position should not be taken lightly. It is a commitment that should be taken seriously, as there will be council members, society members, and especially a commissioner relying on deputies to carry through with their responsibilities as a deputy. In order to ensure deputies remain dedicated to their positions and to hold them accountable to those responsibilities, once deputies are elected they will be required to sign a contract including their general responsibilities as a deputy, as well as specific responsibilities laid out by their associated commissioner.

The general responsibilities are as follows:

a. Assist and advise the Commissioner in all undertakings.
b. When necessary, act in the Commissioner’s stead.
c. Fulfill all Additional Responsibilities outlined in the respective policy of their Commission.
d. Fulfill any other specific responsibilities as may be delegated to them by the Commissioner from time to

The responsibilities of each specific deputy as laid out by the commissioner are described in brief below (will be subject to change):

VP Internal Deputy:
Assist VP with general administrative tasks such as JCR management, internal communication, office space organization and more.

Clubs Deputy:
Manage, revolutionize and oversee clubs affiliated with the UC Lit. This deputy will always be looking to expand the opportunities offered to clubs and students wanting to run initiatives.

Finance Deputy:
Do UC how important finances are? If you are detail-oriented, know basic accounting knowledge, and love UC, apply to be the Finance Deputy! Here’s your chance to show off your knowledge!

Athletics Deputies (2):
Athletics deputies will be responsible for assisting the athletics commissioner in facilitating the Intramural program at UC as well as planning one or two events throughout the year. Deputies will help to ensure UC students can join the team(s) they want and have an engaging intramural experience.

Equity Deputy:
In addition to aiding the Equity and Outreach Commissioner with his/her duties, the Equity Deputy shall organize events that promote equity and inclusivity, advise Lit commissioners on all issues relating to inequities and/or accessibility and plan mandatory equity workshops.

Outreach Deputy:
This deputy will be responsible for assisting the Equity and Outreach Commissioner in his/her event planning

Literary and Creative Arts Deputy:
The LCA commission is about bringing out the unlimited UC talents. Being a deputy, the individual has to be able to help planning and contribute to setup/clean LCA events, such as Coffee Houses. Knowledge of audio and visual equipment is an asset.

Off-Campus (UCOC) Deputy:
Help to build and prosper your commuter community by being the UCOC deputy! Have an opportunity to be part of behind the scenes, assist with budgeting, planning, hosting events, such as MyDefinition Retreat, Hart House Farm Trip and more!

Services Deputy:
As Services Deputy, you will have the opportunity to plan the huge formals here at UC as the Commissioner’s second-in-command, including the MyDef Social, the Red&White Ball, The End of Year Gala, Grad Pub Night, and Fireball!

Social Deputy:
The social deputy is in charge of working closely with the commissioner to organize and carry out the UC social events such as club nights and pub crawls for the year. You will also have a seat on both homecoming and Winterfest committees. As social deputy, you are required to attend all or most social events, so it is preferred that you are over 19 years of age. This role encompasses basic event planning qualities with the extension of learning to work with various venues, carry out different promotion strategies to engage UC students and also a chance to take initiative and plan your own events!

Spirit Deputy:
Responsibilities include assisting the commissioner with designing, ordering, and selling UC spiritwear, and engaging with students to foster an inclusive, welcoming, and positive atmosphere around the college.

Communications Deputy:
Responsibilities include managing the official UC Lit social media accounts to inform students about upcoming events and activities, and also helping to facilitate communication between the Lit and broader UC community.

University and Academic Affairs Deputy:
As UAA Deputy, your job is to assist the commissioner in creating/attending academic events, be prepared to contact professors, administrators, and others in a professional manner as well as assist in commission and event management.

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