Roman's Coaching Application
Congratulations on making it to this page! If you weren't SERIOUS about making a change, then you wouldn't be here. Please fill out the application below and answer honestly.
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1. What are your fitness / mental health goals? *
2. On a scale of 1 to 10, how bad do you want your goals? (10 being the highest / you really want it) *
3. What roadblocks are slowing you down from attaining your goals?* *
4. How much progress towards your goals did you make last month?* *
5. What would make you happy to see looking in the mirror?* *
6. Do you currently have a personal trainer or coach?* *
7. If you could begin making fast progress towards your goals, would you be interested? *
8. Could you handle the additional attention you'd get from friends, family, coworkers and people in public from making such fast progress? *
9. What's your first and last name?* *
10. What's your email?* *
11. What's your phone number?* *
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