2022 PAUSAW - Athlete Code of Conduct
PAUSAW has adopted a NO TOLERANCE policy regarding violation of PAUSAW Rules for individuals attending PAUSAW training camps and trips to National Events.

When arriving at camp, all team members who bring their own motor vehicles MUST park those vehicles in the parking lot and turn keys into the Team Leader.  Car keys will be returned to individuals at end of trip.

Any wrestler caught driving after 7:00 p.m. the day of arrival will be immediately removed from the team roster and sent home.

Any team member caught stealing or damaging another person’s property will be immediately removed from the team and sent home.

Alcohol and tobacco are prohibited.  Any athlete observed violating the team policy of NO alcohol / NO tobacco will be removed from the team and sent home.

If the team is staying at a hotel or dorm rooms, all team members are expected to respect the rights of others.  No running in the halls.  No wrestling in rooms.  No loud noises.

Absolutely NO opposite sex visitors are allowed in rooms during training camp or at the event (during or after competition).  Violation of this rule will result in immediate expulsion from the PA National Team. Any wrestler who is observed in the room of an opposite sex team member will be removed from the team and sent home. NO EXCEPTIONS.

No refunds will be given to individuals removed from the team and sent home.

Curfew:  PA Wrestlers must honor 10:30 p.m. curfew at camp and at the event unless a parent has specifically requested to pick up a team member and parent takes full responsibility.  The parent MUST contact the Team Leader BEFORE taking the wrestler.  First violation of curfew standard will result in warning.  A second violation will result in removal from the team and all competition.

Any athlete violating the Code of Conduct will be removed from the team and not permitted to compete at that event.

I have read the PAUSAW “Code of Conduct” and I understand and accept the Code of Conduct requirements and acknowledge by signing as Parent or Guardian.

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