策展人:Lee Garakara
參展藝術家:Tafadzwa Gwetai, Franklyn Dzingai Anthony, Bumhira
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「V54年青藝術家駐留計劃 」隆重呈獻非洲駐留藝術家Lee Garakara策劃的聯展Bridges「橋樑」,展出三位年輕津巴布韋藝術家-Tafadzwa Gwetai、Franklyn Dzingai及 Anthony Bumhira-以繪畫為主的作品。展覽以非洲藝術為主題,帶出藝術家對非洲長期動盪和受西方影響下的文化發展、個人身分認同、宗教傳統的變化和去向,如橋樑連繫起當中的共通點,歡迎蒞臨一同走過這道橋,探索更多。本展覽為Lee Garakara駐留的回饋活動之一,將於2018年3月15日至4月20日假V54(香港跑馬地山村道54號)舉行,開幕酒會2018年3月15日晚上七時,分享會設於3月17日下午三時。
Lee Garakara是來自非洲津巴布韋的藝術家、策展人及藝術顧問,幾年前來香港定居,推廣非洲藝術。Garakara於2001至2009年期間於南非的 Centre for Visual Art, University of Kwazulu Natal 研讀及任教,博士畢業後他創辦了Mwimbi Fine Art Gallery,旨在透過策動國際計劃支持非洲當代藝術的發展。多年來,Garakara與多個藝術界的專業機構合作,為當代藝術及非洲藝術建立橋樑及推廣至更多群眾中,穿梭於歐洲、非洲及中東地區,對不同地區的藝術文化方面均有獨到的視野。
查詢:9548 6810
V54 resident artist presents: Bridges-African Arts Group Exhibition
Curator:Lee Garakara
Artists:Tafadzwa Gwetai, Franklyn Dzingai Anthony, Bumhira
15 March to 20 April 2018
Young Artist in Residence @ V54 proudly presents Bridges, an African Arts Group Exhibition curated by artist-in-resident Lee Garakara. The exhibition will be held from 15 March to 20 April 2018 at V54. It will present 3 emerging African artists Tafadzwa Gwetai、Franklyn Dzingai and Anthony Bumhira, which come in the form paintings and screen prints. African Arts has come a long way from its previously ascribed tribal or primitive perceptions. As narratives continue to change, established and emerging artists from across Africa are very conscious of global affairs. As interests towards African Arts continues to grow, three young artists from Zimbabwe are currently at the forefront in contemporary visual practices entitled "Bridges". Opening will be held at 7pm, 15 March (Thu) and sharing will be hosted by Lee Garakara at 3pm, 17 March (Sat).
The role played by artists is to partake, create dialogue and initiate conversations pertinent in our times. Although, the artworks in this context are specific to a country and region, the exhibition creates a Bridge for opportunities between Africa and Greater China. Opportunities to learn, exchange ideas, share experiences and commonalities. Each artist presents us with a Bridge of his own in the form education, tradition, culture, religion, citizenship, past and present. As they unpack and interrogate these common themes, guests are invited to walk through these Bridges and explore a multitude of lens.
Opening:7pm, 15 March 2018 (THU)
Exhibition period:15 March to 20 April 2018 (visitors please RSVP)
Venue:V54, NO.54 Village Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong
查詢:9548 6810

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