Please answer the questions in complete and thoughtful sentences. It is important for us to evaluate where you are in your faith journey.
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If you had to tell someone who you are in less than 100 words what would you say?
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Please select the box that applies to each question.
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I don't care
I generally am afraid to share my faith with others?
I have encountered Jesus Christ in my life.
I read the bible often.
I tend to Listen to people of other faith backgrounds without judgement.
I am struggling in my personal faith.
I should be in a group that learns from scratch about the faith because i am not sure what i believe or where to begin.
I understand discipleship.
I am a natural leader in any given situation.
What are some hobbies that you have currently?
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What are you seeking in your life right now? What goals have you set for yourself?
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Are you ready to trust Gods plan for you? Why or Why Not?
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