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Thank you for your interest in Hridaya Yoga and our scholarship program. The intention of the program is to make the Hridaya teachings available to as many interested individuals as possible, regardless of financial situation. As only a few scholarships are available each month, submitting an application does not guarantee that you will receive one. However, if we are not able to offer you a scholarship in a particular course cycle, you are welcome to apply again at a later date.

Every month, two spots are reserved for scholarship recipients, one in the 10-Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat and one in the Hridaya Intensive Yoga Retreat: Module 1. Please note that scholarships only cover course fees; accommodation and meals may be purchased at the regular price, which is outlined on the booking page for your course.

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This application requests personal and financial information. All information provided will remain confidential and not be released to anyone outside of Hridaya Yoga without your permission. As a scholarship applicant, we trust that the information you provide is a complete and accurate disclosure of your financial status.
Thank you for your application. We will notify you once your application has been reviewed.
With Love, Hridaya Yoga
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