Workday Preference Sheet
This is an online version of the workday preference sheet. If you have already submitted your copy, there is no need to fill out this online version.

This form will help determine which day you will work in your child's class. Workdays for the different classes are:
TTH - one day every other week
MWF and MTTH - one day every week, with every 4th week "off" or "on call"

Although every effort will be made to five you your first choice, we appreciate your being flexible where possible. In addition to your classroom workdays, over the course of the school year, each member is required to participate in one 3-hour long indoor weekend work party and one 3-hour long outdoor weekend work party. Both are usually scheduled for Saturday mornings from 9:00AM-12:00PM.

This form also provides a space for you to indicate whether you desire to work as a "paid" substitute in the classroom or for any of the weekend work parties. Scheduling and payment of paid substitutes will be the responsibility of the absent parent. Payment for substituting for a parent work shift is $40 and payment for substituting for a weekend shift is $75.

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If you are in a carpool with another family, please list the other parent's in your carpool and the day they have requested to work:
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