2023-2024 New Volunteer Waitlist Application
Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Monster-Mania Convention. We are currently reviewing the waitlist to recruit for 2023 shows. We are looking for volunteers who want to help create the ultimate fan experience for all who attend our show. Our number one goal is to create a welcoming environment for all who attend and love being a part of making Monster-Mania run smoothly for everyone. We are fan based, strive to create a family-friendly experience to want our family to return to each show, and take pride in treating each person who attends with respect because ultimately, we are all here for the love of horror and fandom of film.

Please be advised, this is a Volunteer Position with some awesome perks.  We are looking for volunteers willing to be a team player: to help in all areas of the convention like with wristband/entry operations, various line control areas, taking photos in celebrity areas, and assistance with Q&A/nightly events. Be Advised, we are NOT looking for security or celebrity handlers.

If you would like to be added to the Waitlist to join our family of volunteers, please read the following information below.  All applicants must be at least 17 years old or older with a valid ID to apply. Additionally, please take the time to familiarize the MONSTER-MANIA POLICIES for attending each show here: https://monstermania.net/mmc-policies/ before filling out this form. Thank you. 

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About Monster Mania
MONSTER-MANIA CON is the HORROR FILM CONVENTION that was created By the Fans, FOR the fans! MONSTER-MANIA CON provides horror film fans the best opportunity to meet the biggest names in all of horror history. MONSTER-MANIA CON offers fans the chance to get autographs, participate in Q&A sessions with the stars, shop our large dealer's room area, and watch films or participate in other events until 2 AM. With a clear mission to provide horror film fans memories that will last a lifetime.

The Convention has changed and grown so much since it was founded in 2003. MONSTER-MANIA is in its 20th year in 2023! Dave Hagan and his sons, Doug and David, work very hard to put together an amazing show, bring in awesome guests, and create a celebrated weekend of horror.

Please visit www.monstermania.net and visit the MONSTER-MANIA Facebook  page for further show information. 

-      Upcoming shows and events
Details on NEW LOCATION in Baltimore, MD.

About Being a Volunteer - Requirements, Expectations & Benefits
•         Must be 17 years old (proof of identification required), have access to email to receive information regarding any upcoming shows and the ability to fill out necessary forms.  
•         Volunteers are required to abide by all Monster-Mania Volunteer expectations, policies, and guidelines that may vary from show to show but are provided at the volunteer meeting before each event.  
•         Attend the mandatory meeting one week before each event, this may be in person, virtual, or both.
•         Abide by all rules and regulations of the venue
•         Abide by all federal and state laws


 All volunteers are expected to have a helpful, friendly attitude,  and some flexibility as your position may vary depending upon the needs of the show. Volunteers must have reliable means to commute to the venue, arrive on time for their shift and are required to wear the volunteer shirt during their volunteer shift but bring a change of clothes because it is not permitted to be worn when you are off duty. Please be aware that most positions require standing for some periods of time.  We want this to be a positive experience for everyone involved; you should expect to work hard but also have time to enjoy the show, have fun, and meet new people. 

 Volunteers are a representative of the Monster-Mania convention during their volunteer shift as well as their downtime to enjoy the event. They are expected to act in a certain manner. All volunteers must respect con-attendees, vendors, guests/agents, and other volunteer members, regardless of gender, race, religion, or any other differences. Volunteers are not allowed to promote personal endeavors or businesses during the convention.

Volunteers are encouraged to follow social media for updates before each show and share the updates to help get the correct information out to con attendees.  All Volunteers are required to attend the Volunteer Meeting before the convention to go over all the show details, guidelines, and policies. These details, policies, and guidelines can vary from show to show and it is important to attend.  

If you are unable to work your specified shift once you are scheduled for an upcoming show, please notify the Volunteer Coordinator, Jennifer Weimer, as soon as possible. No calls/no shows, not abiding by Monster-Mania standards, or adhering to each convention policy will result in having your badge/wristband removed, your shirt taken away, and banned from volunteering at future events.


  •        Volunteers are given weekend admission to enjoy the convention during downtime, provided they work three (3) shifts over three (3) days.
  •        Volunteers will receive one (1) Volunteer T-shirt
  •       Access to the volunteer break room with daily snacks, water, and Pizza. Additionally, we have donuts and coffee on Saturday & Sunday.
  •       More to be covered at each volunteer meeting and some benefits can vary from show to show

----->   The Best Perk/Benefit is being able to be a part of the MONSTER-MANIA family!

I have read and understand the the Requirements, Expectations and Benefits of being a MONSTER-MANIA volunteer.
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