S&H - Hallamshire Trial - Feedback
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1 - Paul Mills (Quarry)
2 - Tom Mills (Quarry)
3 - Paul Flannagan (Eadons)
4 - Rob Bunting (Eadons)
5 - Martyn Smith (Eadons)
6 - Steve & Chloe (Eadons)
7 - Jean Witting (Eadons)
8 - Kevin Witting (Eadons)
9 - Steve Ransom (Bog)
10 - Karen Crabtree (Stream)
11 - Joel Crabtree (Stream)
12 - Phil Granby (Stream)
13 - Pete Rees (Man Made)
14 - Pete Emery (Man Made)
15 - Dave Longden (Man Made)
16 - Rob Charles (Jack Sparrow)
17 - Mick Worthy (Jack Sparrow)
18 - Mike Ransom (Jack Sparrow)
19 - Becky Priestly (Stream)
20 - Pete Barber (Stream)
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