What do you think about your system for creating clinical notes?
Recent American Medical Association [AMA} Research showed serious dissatisfaction with EHR's systems, this survey focuses on the key aspect of clinical note taking - both today and how it could be improved for the future. At the end of the survey you have the option to benefit from participation and access to new technology in this field.
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We are building a collaborative platform for fast transcription. The aim is to replace end of day dictation with on the fly capture of clinical information using mobile devices such as the iPad mini. A small number of screen taps generates narrative and coding avoiding laborious typewriter style data entry and multiple keystrokes. *
If the above delivers time savings [e.g. eliminating typing or end-of-day dictation] is it...
If the above delivers robust, structured, auditable data capture is it... *
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The questions below reflect the issues highlighted by the above AMA research - which of the following typically reflects your views? *
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If the above significantly reduces the time entering data and writing notes is this… *
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If the above reduces or eliminates back office coding is it... *
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If the above is user configurable and can be tailored to how you work - is it... *
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If the above is simple and easy-to-use, so patients can enter directly, to collect a health history or details on an intimate subject is it… *
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Your views are enormously important to us as our development has to be centred around your needs. We are therefore launching a virtual program that requires a minimal effort however provides us with significant insights into your requirements. *
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