Team Drea in Alaska!
Please fill out this form with as much information as you can, even if you are just considering coming. We will keep you in the loop as we continue the planning process.
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How many & names of people that may be coming with you?
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Are you planning to go to other parts of Alaska (e.g. Denali, cruise, etc), other POW Island?
Do you plan to stay at the Fireweed Lodge?
Do you have a full room? (If so, and you’re sure you are coming, you should go ahead and book your room. Please let Andrea know too).
If not, would you be interested in a roommate? ( We will try to pair up friends, those who know each other, etc.)
What activities/excursions would you be interested in doing? (check all that apply)
What would be your top 3 choices?
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Are you interested in racing?
Which distance are you thinking? (check all that apply)
Please describe your inclination towards coming at this point (Maybe, almost certain, strongly considering, not sure, etc)
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What factors are most important to your decision? (e.g. total cost, time off work, kid(s) missing school, finding someone to care for kid(s) while you’re away, logistics, etc)
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Any questions, anything we can do to help, anything else you want to share?
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