Magic Summer Camp
Magic the Gathering:
Monday - Thursday, July 8 - 11
Ages: 10 +
Time: 1 - 4:30PM
Water and a healthy snack will be served
$60+ in free product and promos

As you may know, Magic the Gathering has been the top selling CCG since its inception in 1993. Parents love this game because it teaches basic math and vocabulary, reading comprehension, resource management, classification, critical and creative thinking, good sportsmanship, social skills, and so much more. Kids love it because it's fun!

At the beginning of the week, your child will start with a basic, pre-built deck of cards (a Planeswalker deck). With a 1:8 instructor to participants ratio (or better), our experts will teach participants the basic rules of play. After that, we will teach participants about deck construction (including a sealed event), drafting, and tournament play. During these events they will receive many boosters to open, use, and keep. Participants will have the opportunity to play a lot of games, to get a bunch of cards, to build their own decks, and to socialize with others throughout the camp. By the end, they should have a solid understanding of how to play Magic and gain some great memories and friends along the way!

Entry: $199 + tax

(If you are signing up multiple participants or a participant is attending multiple camps, we offer a $20 reduction in price per entry. Please mention this at check in so we can give you the appropriate discounts.)

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