Oak Hill Preschool Parent Agreements and Student Questionnaire
Please use this online submission to complete our Parent Forms and Student Questionnaire.  Please refer to the links to review the referenced documents.
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Parents/Guardians First and Last Names *
Child(ren)'s First and Last name *
PARENT HANDBOOK: I have read the OHP Parent Handbook which has been emailed to me. *
OPT-OUT FORM: Please indicate if you would like to opt out of sharing information with your child’s classmates' parents/guardians. OHP prepares a class directory that contains child/parent's names and parent emails. This information is shared for purposes such as play dates, information sharing between families, and/or class collections throughout the year. This personal information may not be used for commercial purposes. Please select which information you DO NOT want shared in your class directory: * *
OHP would like to send pictures of your child's day within their teacher's daily email. However, we want to ensure your child's right to privacy. Please acknowledge that you will NOT share any photo sent by OHP on any public or private platform. * *
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