4, 8, 12 Mile Trail Run on Loess Bluffs
April 7th, 2018 at 9:00 am

Check-in will begin at 8:30 am. The event will end at 12:00 pm.

The event will start and finish at the Loess Bluffs Welcome Center Parking Lot just south of Mound City MO (Loess Bluffs NWR Welcome Center, 159 State Highway East, Mound City, MO 64470). Check-in will be near the restrooms by the parking lot.

Registration fee
$5 donation to Friends of Loess Bluffs Group

Donation due at check in.

This event is self supported!

There will be a water/food station located in the parking lot (water will be provided by us, you bring the vessel!). You will start and finish in the parking lot. You will run through the parking lot twice during each loop (approximately every 1.5 miles you will go through the parking lot). Each loop is 4.2 miles.

There will be space on the table for gels, and GU's and such. Please bring your specific items in a container (Tupperware works well) that is clearly labeled. This will be put next to the water station table for you to access. Any community gels and such can be placed in the community container for all to share.

Participants are encouraged to carry water with them on the course!

Please note that this event will be not be officially timed! Any participant who wishes to know their time is encouraged to use their own timing device.

The majority of this event takes place on a single track dirt trail with a few sections of wood chip trail mixed in. Due to weather conditions, your shoes may get wet, damp, or muddy. There are no planned water crossings but please dress for the weather (and recent precipitation amounts).

The first 1/2 mile contains 200 feet of steep limestone cut steps (270 total). You will "run" up these twice per lap! Please use caution on the steps.

Check the route out at the link below.

Participants will run up the bluff and to the left (across and through multiple "hills"). Then down a steep bluff and back to the parking lot. Then participants will run up the bluff and to the right (across different "hills"). Then down approximately 57 steps and back to the parking lot. Then participants will run the outer loop left to right. That's up the steep bluff and across and through multiple "hills", then down the 57 steps and back to the parking lot. Approximately 4.2 miles aka 1 lap!

4 miles = 1 lap 8 miles = 2 laps 12 miles = 3 laps 16 miles = 4 laps (if you have time)

This event is sponsored by a Hamilton Run Company out of Maryville Mo.

Contact Kenneth Hamilton at hamiltonk@southholtr1.com for more information.

Consider joining us for our *Puzzle Run (end of May), *Poker Run (middle of August), Mozingo Trail Run (middle of October), *Reindeer Run (beginning of December).

This event is not part of the *Hamilton Run Series.


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