UNIT 7 - Matter, materials & mixtures
UnitS 7 and 8. Natural Science 3rd Primary. Read the questions carefully. Good luck!
Number, name and surname
Your answer
1 - Complete the sentence:
"Everything that exists in the world and we can see, touch, taste or smell is..."
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2 - Complete the sentence:
"To make things or products we can use different..."
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3 - Look at the photos, read and choose the correct options.
A sponge is...
These scissors are...
4 - Observe the photo and answer the questions.
What materials can you see?
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What type of mixture is it?
5 - Watch the video and answer the questions.
In this mixture they mix flour and sugar. In which state are the two materials?
Which is the best method to separate two solids in a mixture?
6 - Read the problem, think and answer.
You are in the kitchen preparing your favorite breakfast: Fruit and cereals in a bowl! You go to the toilet. When yo come back to the kitchen, your mother is pouring milk in your bowl. How can you separate this mixture?
7 - Watch the following video and answer the question.
Which method for separating mixtures is it shown in the video?
8 - Classify the following materials acccording to their origin.
Choose the correct options.
Animal origin
Plant origin
Mineral or ground origin
crude oil
9 - Read the sentences and put in order the process to obtain paper.
The wood is transported to the factory.
Paper is used to make books and other products.
Trees are cut down.
The wood is processed into paper.
10- Look at the photo and choose YES or NO.
The table is made of wood.
Wood is fragile.
There are four plastic cups in the picture.
Plastic is a natural material.
There is a homogeneus mixture in a bowl on the table.
The little boy is evaporating the rocks from the sand.
All the objects in this picture are made up of matter.
11 - Look at the photos and identify the different types of changes.
Physical change of state
Physical change of size
Physical change of shape
Chemichal change: combustion
Chemichal change: oxidation
Photo A
Photo B
Photo C
Photo D
Photo E
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