University of California Straw Hat Band Performance Request Form
*NOTICE: We have recently made changes to our SHB Policy. If you have requested an SHB before, please note these changes.*

Due to the high volume of requests we receive and the cost to our members and program of putting these performances on, we are asking for a minimum $1000 donation + the cost of transportation if required for all performances. Exceptions may be made rare circumstances. SHB requests during normal school hours are unlikely to be approved, as our members are all students who volunteer their time for these performances. Note that we do NOT accept requests for events during RRR Week or Finals Week for this same reason. For the Spring 2020 semester, those dates are May 4th-May 15th.

To ensure your request is processed in time, please submit requests at least 1 Month in advance, and allow 2 weeks for a response for us to determine the feasibility of the performance. Our Student Director, Dorothy Bechler, will respond with the band's availability.
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If the event is off campus, will you be able to provide or cover the cost of transporation to and from the event?
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Our minimum number of musicians required for a performance is 18.
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If your event cannot make a $1000 donation, please explain your circumstances here
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