Brigstock Parish Council Survey of Transport Needs
Transport for those in rural areas without regular access to a private car is an increasing problem. The aim of this survey is to find out the transport needs of residents in Brigstock, how well they are being met by existing services (whether public transport, voluntary car schemes or other services) and, most importantly, whether there is sufficient demand to make additional transport services viable.
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Please let us know the number of people in your household in each age range:
Under 16
How many people, including children, within your household regularly use public transport?
Does anyone in the household have a bus pass?
Do you or anyone in your household have special transport needs? (e.g. use a wheelchair or have mobility issues)
How many cars or vans do you have in your household?
Where are they kept?
How many people in your household, including children, sometimes have difficulty getting to where they want to go? Please give examples:
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If you are in employments how far do you have to travel?
How do you get to work?
If you use your car to travel to work is it:
If you use your car for shopping how often do you go?
How do you get to the dentist?
If you have to attend hospital how do you get there?
If any of your family attend secondary school how do you get there?
There are different ways of tackling the lack of transport in rural areas, including public/private transport initiatives and community minibuses. There is funding available for the capital cost of a community minibus but a great deal of commitment is required from the community in terms of volunteer time for training etc. Do you think that the Brigstock community would benefit from a community minibus?
Would you be interested in attending an information session to do with community transport?
Are you willing to be contacted to discuss your answers further? If so please provide contact details:
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