Ethernet DMX Engine
It's been in the works way too long, but the Ethernet DMX Engine will be shipping Q2 2018. As we finalize the panel layout for the sheet metal fabricators, we'd love to hear what's most important to your and your customers.
How many RS-232 DMX Engines have you spec'd and/or installed? *
The Ethernet Engine chassis has panel space for 2 DMX outputs, each with a unique drive stage. My preference for these connectors would be: (choose 2) *
5 pin XLR
3 pin XLR
RJ45 (Cat5)
Output #1
Output #2
The Ethernet Engine will have a 10/100 network interface. My preferred connector is: *
Which of these features are important to you? (Note: we plan to manufacture and support the classic RS-232 Engine for a long, long time. These questions relate only to the new ethernet version.)
1 = I don't care 5 = Above all else, please include this!
A separate SKU / rack mount version with all connectors on the rear panel.
Rack mount kit / rack ear option for the existing small chassis.
PoE (Power over Ethernet) support
Encrypted network communication via SSL
Convert Art-Net input to DMX output.
Convert E1.31 / sACN input to DMX output
Support Control4 auto discovery
Include an RS-232 port for optional use as 'legacy' DMX Engine
Add any feedback, suggestions or questions you may have here:
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We're anticipating an online price of $245 for the small-chassis Ethernet Engine, with shipping in early April. Are you interested in pre-release pricing of $188? It's like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, but without all the broken promises, angst and sadness.
If yes to the pre-release question above, please add your name and email address here. We'll be in touch soon.
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In exchange for heavily discounted equipment, would you be willing to contribute drivers and documentation for your control platform of choice? We're looking for Control4, Crestron, Extron, Lutron, RTI, Savant... Enter your email address and platform of choice below.
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