I'd Love to Teach/Instruct!
Now what?

Please complete this form so that we can gather some information to: 1. Match you with an event space/host 2. Schedule events to keep the community enguaged

We will be in touch with you to schedule events but feel free to reach out to Amanda Lynn Ramsey or April Smith.

Please don't feel like you have to wait for us to schedule an event for the group. If you teach a skill that you would like to share with the group and can host in your home or another location that you secure, please post the event to the group! We are happy to help promote it.

If you're willing to TEACH an event, we need to know:
-If you have a venue already (If so, location; if not, your willingness to travel and where, AND what kind of venue you need.)
-Dates and times you are available
-Pricing per person (we're trying to stay in the $10/person range)
-If additional supplies are needed
-Your max # of participants
Contact Info
We will connect with you on Facebook but e-mail can often be easier when trying to schedule events so may use e-mail to be in touch with you.
First & Last Name *
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General Location *
Event Teacher/Instructor Information
What days are you available to teach at events? *
What times can you teach at events? *
What skills/topics are you willing to teach *
What kind of venue do you need? *
Cost per person to attend your events? (trying to stay in the $10 range) *
Max number of participants? *
Would there be additional supplies needed and if so what type? *
Anything else that you want us to know?
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