Interest Form: Girls' Self Esteem and Social Skills Group
We aim to guide and support girls experiencing difficulties with peers at school and in other social interactions.

The group format allows girls to connect with others while learning tools. We will use a curriculum that addresses basics of friendship and conversation, managing emotions and conflict, as well as developing positive self image and empathy.

This group is in the preliminary planning stage so the age range, appropriateness of each child and focus of the curriculum will be assessed and adjusted as the group comes together.

Meetings will be 50 minutes in length and be held weekly for 4 weeks and a rate of $15 per session.
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This group is currently available for girls in grades 2-5. For other age group inquiries, please complete a group request form at
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For all children under the age of 14, consent of all legal guardians is needed prior to group involvement. Are there any custody arrangements for your child?
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