Membership Form 2018-2019

We need to collect a few bits of information from you so we can register you as a club member as well as with the BMC for insurance - which also ensures you receive their magazine!

We use the information for all of the trips you come on to make sure we can cater for any requirements and deal with any emergencies.

The form is totally confidential and the data is used only by the club for the above purposes and won't be shared with anyone else.

Once completed we will issue you with your membership card which you can use to book onto trips, access the climbing wall discounts, borrow our kit and get discounts from all our sponsors. You will also be on our mailing list and will receive information about all of the upcoming trips, socials and events so you can get involved right away.

Please only fill out this form once, If you want to change a response contact the committee.

Personal Details
Student card number *
As found on your student card. Please type it in carefully as this validates your membership and will be your membership number
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First Name *
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Last Name *
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Date Of Birth *
Emergency Contact Details
In the event of an accident we will contact a next of kin. Please designate a person to contact.
Relationship to you *
Full Name *
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Contact number *
Including international dialling code if applicable.
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Your Contact Details
Mobile Number
So we can contact you in an emergency.
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University Email Address *
........@students .plymouth. ac. uk etc
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Prefered email address
If you'd rather we use a different email address to contact you please enter it here
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Address *
So the BMC know where to send your membership card and magazines.
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Postcode *
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Medical Information
This information is treated with the strictest confidence and is only visible to the club president and the H&S officer for use on trips.
Medical conditions
If you have any medical conditions which may affect you on trips with us please put details here including any medications
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Are there and allergies that may effect you on trips? Please give details
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Dietary Requirements
Where possible we will try and provide food to meet your dietary preference, if this is not possible for a given trip we will let you know in advance.
As a minimum when joining the club it helps if you have some decent walking shoes and a waterproof jacket. (It doesn't rain much in Plymouth but its good to be dry when it does)

If you can let us know what gear you have we can be sure we can cater for everyone on trips.

Which of the following do you own?
Qualifications and Memberships
We welcome members of all abilities. Please tick any that are relevant. Don't worry if nothing applies to you yet.
Do you have any relevant qualifications or memberships?
Have you been driving more than three years?
Do you have a car at university?
Use of Club Gear
As a member of the club, you will have full access to the use of the clubs kit whilst on trips.

This includes; climbing ropes, climbing racks, climbing harnesses and helmets, caving suits, headlamps and helmets and much more.

This kit is regularly inspected and updated to ensure it is safe for use. However, the club cannot accept any responsibility for any injuries incurred as a result of using the kit, nor can the club be held accountable for any damage to the kit whilst it is on loan to a member.

Use of Club Gear *
You must accept to be able to partake in our activities.
Other details
Would you be interested in climbing competitively?
BMC Participation Statement
And finally.

The activities undertaken by the club are considered high risk. We mitigate this risk by providing training, equipment and trained leaders and instructors to make sure you are safe whilst out and about having fun with us.

The BMC recognises that climbing and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or death.
Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions

For more information about how you can reduce risks while climbing, visit the BMC website

BMC Participation statement *
You must accept to be able to partake in our activities.
Confirmation of details
Please double check all your details above and then tick the box before hitting the submit button. *
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