HelSec SWAG-order
This form is for one-time clothing order by HelSec Ry. By filling out this form you agree to ORDER and PAY the selected swag. These designs are available for this time only and this is the only way to get them.

The order will happen only if following number of orders will realize (prices in the next section):
- Hoodie 50 pcs
- T-shirts 50 pcs / model
- Shopping bags 100 pcs
- Beanies 100 pcs

Orders must be filled before January 7th 2020 10:00 AM.

As we are a non-profit organization (FIN: aatteellinen yhdistys), this order is tax-free. After we know how many orders we get, we will send the bills. You can choose from three delivery methods: HelSec February meetup, Disobey or such risky, much delay, Posti.
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"Pystyy vetää"-design
"I want to believe"-design
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