NEEPS Conference Submission
NEEPS 2023 conference submission. The submission deadline has been extended until the end of day on December 8th!

If you have any questions, please email Stacey Makhanova (the program chair) at

We recommend preparing your abstract submission in a word processor and then pasting the information into this form because the boxes are small.

The first box asks for your email address so you can receive a copy of your submission. 
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Author Information
The first part of the submission form requires that you input information about the corresponding author (and, if they are different, about presenting author as well).
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Corresponding Author institutional affiliation *
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Co-Authors with institution affiliation. Please use the following format (separate author and institution with a comma, separate authors with a semi colon):

Full Name Author 1, Institution; Full name Author 2, Institution; Full Name Author 3, Institution
Who is the presenting author? *
If the presenting author is not the corresponding author, please provide an email address for the presenting author
If the presenting author is not the corresponding author, what is the status of the presenting author?
In Person or Virtual?
Are you planning to give this presentation in person or virtually? As a reminder, the virtual presentations are live (not video recordings) during conference hours (8am-5pm) in Eastern Time. We do our best to accommodate time differences. *
Information about Your Presentation
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Type of Presentation (check all formats for which you would like your presentation to be considered) *
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Status of Project *
For empirical submissions, please make sure to include information about the background, hypotheses, method, results, and discussion (whichever are appropriate to the current stage of the project).

For theoretical submissions, please make sure to elaborate on the argument and theoretical rationale. You need to provide enough information for the program committee to be able to evaluate the rigor and fit of your work.

Please write your abstracts in a word processor and then copy and paste into the boxes below.
Long Abstract (500 words max). This abstract is for evaluation by the program committee only and will not be available in the program.  
Short Abstract (150 words max). This abstract is for inclusion in the conference program but will still be evaluated by the program committee.  *
Consideration for FEPS Symposium
In addition to the main NEEPS events, our annual conference includes the meeting of FEPS (the Feminist Evolutionary Perspectives Society). Every year we compile one symposium that reflects FEPS' mission and FEPS also gives additional presentation awards to faculty and students. Please see information about FEPS below and let us know if you think your presentation fits with the FEPS mission.

The society exists to bridge two scientific viewpoints that are often in opposition: evolutionary research and feminism. We believe that each can be unified into a productive study of the evolution of humans. Each approach has historically adopted some biases that impede a full understanding of the complexities of human psychology, particularly a perspective of psychology that includes aspects of our shared evolution as well as cultural and environmental influences. We welcome any members, of any gender or sex, who are sensitive to the combination of feminism and evolutionary theory.

FEPS supports research that:
a) is informed by a female perspective,
b) directly investigates the active role that females have had in human evolution, and/or
c) studies gender in the evolutionary context with scientific theory and methodology (including a close examination into the way research questions are formulated and research subjects selected).
If you think your presentation fits with the FEPS mission, would you like to be considered for inclusion for the FEPS symposium?
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