2021 GED/HSE/Accuplacer/Adult Education, or Adult Basic Literacy Tutoring Application
Due to Covid-19, many of our tutors are continuing to meet their students online. However, some are able to meet in person at our branches when our study rooms are open and available.

Before getting started, here are some things to know about our tutoring program.

• You must be 17 or older to participate in our tutoring program.
• It may take several weeks or months before we have a tutor who is available to meet your needs. Most GED students are placed in a few weeks, but it often takes longer if you have limited availability.
• You may be eligible to access the GED Academy at no cost to you. This will allow you a personalized study plan and resources that you can access from home. You may use the GED Academy with or without a tutor. If you do not sign in for several weeks, you may lose your place in this online preparation tool.
• Once we match you with a tutor we ask that you commit to meeting for at least one hour per week for at least six months.
• You can borrow the approved calculator from our collection. These are available for check out for 4 weeks and may be renewed several times. Cell phones and unapproved calculators cannot be brought into the testing center.
• As long as you are keeping your regularly scheduled meetings and making a sincere effort on the homework that your tutor gives you, your tutor has been asked to help you until you are ready to pass at a level you are proud of in that subject. You should expect a minimum commitment of 3 months, but know that some students study for over a year. Your HSE credentials demonstrates that you have the equivalent knowledge of someone who has completed four years of high school.
• If you cannot meet regularly, we will ask that you apply again to the program when you can commit to regular meetings.
• If your tutor is missing sessions, we will try to find a new tutor for you.
• Our program is free. Your tutor is a volunteer. They do not expect payment for their services and are not allowed to accept payment. They are teaching you because they want to help our community.
• Your tutor will have received training but may be new to teaching. They, too, are learning even as they help you learn.
• Your tutor will have passed a criminal background check. We only use volunteer tutors without a criminal history.
• You will always meet your tutor in a public place. Most tutors meet their students at the library in our study rooms.
• Your tutor is not allowed to give you rides and is not allowed to accept rides in your car.
• We do not allow family members or friends to be tutored together.
• We work with community partners to provide scholarships to help our students demonstrating readiness pay for their official test. These scholarships are limited to Douglas County residents.
• When you earn your diploma, we will invite you to attend a graduation ceremony to celebrate your accomplishment.
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