April 26, 2018 BSUG: Energy Modeling Workflow - Creating Energy and Daylight Simulations from CAD Drawings
This presentation is for anyone who wants to know how to take an Autodesk (Revit & AutoCAD) based project and turn it into a preliminary study to inform early design, or for more detailed analysis through OpenStudio or Radiance software. Dylan Agnes and Damon Woods from IDL will cover what information is needed for an energy and/or daylighting model. We will share lessons we’ve learned and recommendations for anyone who is looking to gain LEED credits for their project or just a better sense of the energy or lighting impacts of different design iterations. This talk is intended for anyone who is just beginning energy modeling, as well as experienced users. For experienced modelers, we will share tips and tricks that we use at the lab to make the process as simple and robust as possible. The need for energy modeling, and controls/standards for daylighting and electric lighting, is growing due to the requirements of standards such as LEED, and is now required in some jurisdictions. The IDL aims to encourage more architects and engineers in Boise to provide energy and daylighting modeling in house. This presentation aims to answer your questions, prevent headaches for new users, and remove the mystery of getting from plans to energy and daylight findings.

Damon Woods

Damon is a professional engineer and has been working as a research assistant at U of I’s Integrated Design Lab since 2013. He received his bachelor’s degree from Montana State University and a masters from Boise State University. He is nearing the completion of his PhD in mechanical engineering at the University of Idaho. His research focus is on the modeling and control of radiant systems.

Dylan Agnes

Dylan is a Research Scientist at the Integrated Design Lab with a focus towards net-zero and energy efficiency building design. Dylan received his Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Idaho (Moscow) in 2014 as well as his Master’s of Architecture in 2016 at the Boise campus program, Urban Design Center. Dylan has been working with the IDL since 2015 and plans to go back to graduate school for a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering.

TIME: 12:00 - 1:00 pm MT
LOCATION: UI - IDL | 306 S. 6th St.

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