2019 Workshop Submissions
We’re looking for presenters with a range of expertise, skills, background, and instruction styles to share their knowledge with our conference audience. The Madison Nonprofit Day Conference is a diverse, dynamic, and engaging space for nonprofit and social good professionals to learn, connect, grow, and share.

Each year, we do an open call for proposals for the conference. Your submission opens us to new ideas, new takes on old topics, and provides us the opportunity to develop a creative, explorative conference agenda that offers growth and learning opportunities for a cross-sector, cross-discipline, mixed skills, multi-cultural audience. It also helps shapes the conversation, practice, and focus of attendees for the months ahead. Thank you, for your submission.
Dates and Timelines
The 'Call for Proposals' is open. For the next month we will be collecting workshop proposals for the 2019 Madison Nonprofit Day Conference. We opened the call on Wednesday, May 1, 2019 and will close it on Friday, May 31, 2019. At that time, we will begin our assessment of submissions and release a review process and decision schedule, by Friday, June 7, 2019.
• Potential presenters can submit multiple workshop proposals. If submitting multiple workshops, please limit the number to no more than five (5) potential workshops.
• There are no conference fees for presenters and a guest ticket is included for each presenter, including panelists.
• Unfortunately, to keep the conference costs low, there are no presentation stipends either. Contact us with questions.
• The Emergent Issue / Perspective category is for workshops addressing topics you feel the social sector needs to be aware of or has fallen behind in. Former examples include design thinking, using data, employee pay, etc.
• The Emergent Issue classification is not a dumping ground for race and diversity issues. Please place diversity issues based on your approach towards addressing, for example— increasing diversity in the hiring process belongs in 'organizational development / operations,' while strengthening diverse leaders would fall under 'leadership.'
Basic Info
You may submit multiple sessions, in fact, we encourage you to do so. But PLEASE only submit one session per form. Complete this form to the best of your ability. Please add questions or commentary in the notes areas.
Session Title
The tentative title or topic of the workshop
Session Summary
A summary description of the session (75 words or less). You'll get to add a long description later, if you have one.
We splice, dice, and review workshops from a number of perspectives. Please select the
Session Category
Most sessions fall within our seven primary classifications, please select that category that is the closest fit.
Clear selection
Session Type
Full descriptions of the session types are described on the Madison Nonprofit Day Conference website. Please review them if you are uncertain of the format type. If you are adding a 'new option' please describe that option in 'long description' area for the workshop.
Clear selection
Emergent Issue / Perspective
PLEASE SKIP, UNLESS YOU QUALIFY— Is your workshop an emergent issue? The "emergent issues / perspectives" category is for emerging ideas and issues for the social sector, as well as ideas where the time has come— better pay for sector employees, work-life balance, design thinking, earned income streams, apprenticing staff, reimagining nonprofit boards, etc. This category is not for the same ole, same ole, but new ideas, new issues, new perspectives.
Clear selection
Session Length
Please select the preferred length for this session. ONLY Pre-conferences, which are held before the conference can be 90 minutes or more. Pre-conferences can be up-to 3hrs, but are typically 2hrs. Workshops during the conference are mostly 45 or 60 minutes. Flash Sessions have been increasingly popular at the last two conferences, so consider that option as well.
Audience / Engagement
Who is your target audience and what level of engagement do you plan to provide?
Target Audience
Which of the following audiences are most relevant to your workshop? (select up to 3)
Engagement Level
What level of engagement do you expect from participants?
Clear selection
Presenters / Panelist
Please provide more detail about the number of people providing the workshop/session.
How many presenters / assistants will be required for this workshop? Your best estimate.
Clear selection
Panel / Chat
Is this session a panel, debate, fireside chat? A chat is typically 2-3 people, a panel 3+ people and a moderator, and a debate can be any number, but an equal number of representatives from each side should be present.
Clear selection
Please provide us more details. If you don't have a long description, please tell us what you want to accomplish in the workshop (beyond the marketing blurb). Provide prerequisites and take away data, as well.
Long Description
Please add more details about your planned workshop, if you have them. Remember to include session type details, IF you created your own session type.
What skills or knowledge are necessary for participants to get the most out of this session? What pre-requisites should they have?
Take Aways
What will people walk away with? What things they put into practice at their organization or for themselves?
Should participants bring laptops / tablets / mobile devices to work on for this session?
Clear selection
For a variety of reasons, including funding and marketing, we've started recruiting keynote sessions 1-2 years in advance. If you are interested in doing a keynote, please send an email to madison.nonprofit.day@gmail.com with what you'd like to do and we will add it to our future consideration list. The 2019 Keynote is confirmed. The 2020 and 2021 Keynotes are currently open.
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