Sri Lanka Tech Startup Database
The Sri Lankan technology startup ecosystem has grown tremendously over the last three years and new startups come up every day. The ICT Agency of Sri Lanka, via the Spiralation program and many other organizations are conducting various programs, trainings, workshops etc. towards building this ecosystem.

The information collected via this form will be used to find out how many active startups are present in the country, what they do, where are they now and also will be used to communicate with the startups the different opportunities that are made available to them through the various organizations.

If you are an owner of a startup or working for a technology startup company, submit your details using the form below.

If you are an organization that has content that needs to be sent to the startups that have signed up on this form, please contact Ahamed Nishadh via and will be forwarded upon moderation.

1. Information Collected via this form will be used by the following organizations.
ā†’ The ICT Agency of Sri Lanka
2. Any new organizations added to this list will be informed via email to all those who have submitted their information via this form at the time of being added.
3. Information provided through this form will not be shared to any other unauthorized third party.
4. Startups submitting their information here will be contacted at any time by the above mentioned organizations for promotional or official purposes.

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