PPS Post School Outcomes Survey
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1. In the 12 months after leaving high school, did you ever attend any school, job training, or education program? If more than one program, use the one with the longest attendance or a completion certificate.
2. Please use the drop down list below to describe the type of training program or school.
3. Did you complete an entire term / semester or complete a short term program?
4. In the 12 months after leaving high school, did you ever work?
5. Where is (was) the job? If more than 1 job, answer for job you held 3 months or more, at minimum wage
6a. What was the job title?
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6b. During the 12 months after leaving school, did you work for a total of 3 months (about 90 days)? [NOTE: Days do not need to be in a row.]
7. Did you work, on average, 20 or more hours per week?
8. Were you usually paid at least minimum hourly wage? ($9.25 currently in Oregon)
9. Did you receive the same benefits as your co-workers? (Were you hired under the same general conditions as other workers at the job?)
10. Why haven’t you worked since leaving school?
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