"Our Roots": YEG Youth Poetry Collection Submissions
Calling all youth ages 16-23! This collection will showcase the diversity in Edmonton's youth and provide a platform for youth to share their stories. This is a Youth Poet Laureate project supported by the City of Edmonton.

Deadline for submissions: May 1, 2019

- contributors must be between ages 16-23
- max. ~1 page per poem
- max. 2 poems per poet

Theme: "Our Roots"
Edmonton is a vibrant city, home to an amalgam of different stories. As youth share this space to grow, these stories become valuable reflections of the roots that make us both diverse and interconnected. This theme is intended to allow for your individual colors to shine through your poetry and simultaneously contribute to the mosaic that bring us together.

Tips for this theme:
Think about your journey maturing into a young adult. This can be about culture, language, hobbies, family dynamics, immigration, growing up in Edmonton, identity, school, sports... whatever you're comfortable with and feel passionate writing about! What has contributed to the making of you as a person? Who/ what grounds you? Focusing on one branch of your "roots" will help keep your piece personal and unique, but it's all up to you as the poet!

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