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Please Note: You must be 18 years or older and a US resident to participate in this survey. Please only include your health care experiences in the US in your responses.
Your response will be anonymous.
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I visit my primary care provider... *
I have at least one non-primary care healthcare provider that I see regularly (ex. physical therapist, medical specialist): *
When you visit a healthcare provider, what are some of your pain points with the visit experience? If you have no problems with your visit experience or do not seek medical care, mark N/A.
Do you yourself track or measure any aspects of your health, for example weight, on your own outside of your medical visits? *
If yes, what aspects or metrics of your health are you tracking on your own?
What are your pain points with your system of tracking your health metrics outside of your medical visits? If you have no problems with your tracking experience or do not use a tracking system, mark N/A.
I use an online Patient Portal to communicate with a healthcare provider or schedule appointments for myself or others (ex. MyChart, athena Patient Portal) *
If you do not use an online Patient Portal, what is holding you back?
My healthcare provider uses technology well. *
I regularly use a smart device to track my fitness or health (such as an Apple Watch, Garmin, Fitbit, health tracking app) : *
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