Digital Steward's Training Description

The Digital Steward program is a stewardship that is focused on both community organizing and tech skills. As a Digital Steward you will conduct outreach and develop partnerships with the businesses in your community. Technical skills will consist of networking and wireless basics, mounting and cabling, installing routers and maintaining networks. In addition, you will be engaged in training and action on digital justice issues and resiliency.​

The City of New York is working with local stakeholders to bring innovative technologies and solutions that will help improve the resiliency of local small businesses in Hunts Point. This Project is set to install a resilient wireless mesh network that will withstand blackouts and internet service interruption during a natural disaster. The network will also provide free public internet for all other normal days. For more information visit:

The Digital Stewards’ Team will be trained to install, monitor, and repair this locally owned and managed network. Opportunity for further training in technology and potential job opportunities will be available and after the training. Please note that this is a training opportunity and employment is not guaranteed.

Attend training on Mondays from 6:30 to 9:30 PM starting April 1, 2019
Once training is completed stewards will be paid to work on Installation, Repair, Monitor Wireless Network Technology, and Creative Content.

Positive and enthusiastic attitude
Desire to learn Technology and give back to the community
Commitment to complete the training for 6-week period
Able to speak English (Bi-lingual a plus)

Each steward will receive a $15/hr for training, meetings and installation hours TBA.
To apply please fill out application below. After your application is reviewed we will contact you for further information. The program starts on April 1, 2019.

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