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Thank you for your interest in a custom order from Your Song Designs. These questions will help me put together some sample designs and pricing information as a starting place. We'll refine them till we create a look that reflects your organization's values and brand. You are also welcome to email me directly at or call me at 510-725-2057. Interested in a personal order? Click here:
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We can reinforce your branding by printing your logo, mission statement or a greeting on the back of the card, the inside or both sides. Are you interested in printing on your cards?
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Are there any colors or themes that distinguish you or your business? This will help me create a design that reinforces your branding. For example, one of my clients loves birds so using birds in her designs helps her clients associate the design with her. Another client has their office decorated with Japanese art so using Japanese papers in her cards helps her clients associate the cards with the look in her office. This could be hobbies/interests, as well.
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