Part-time Public Librarian Survey for SCLA
This is an optional survey that provides the SCLA Executive Board with information regarding the statistics, needs and desires of part-time Librarians in Suffolk County, NY.
How many years have you worked as a part-time Librarian?
Are you actively searching for full-time positions?
What is your age?
What is your title?
Are you currently a member of SCLA?
If you answered no, why not? If you answered yes, you may skip this question.
Your answer
Do you actively participate in a committee under RASD or YASD?
Do you have a desire to take part in a committee?
Are you restricted by your schedule as a part-time Librarian and this is the reason you do not participate in committees? If you do participate, you may skip this question
Would you be more likely to join now or continue your membership with SCLA if you were given paid time to attend committees?
Have you ever attended the Long Island Library Conference?
Do you want to attend the Long Island Library Conference in the future?
Do you worry about accruing your professional development points for your Public Librarian's Certificate?
Have you ever attended a professional development program at SCLS?
If you answered no, why not? If you answered yes, you may skip this question.
Your answer
What kind of program would you like to attend through SCLA?
Your answer
What could SCLA do to help you further your career?
Your answer
In what area do you feel you need the most help in your job as a part-time Librarian?
Your answer
What is the greatest problem that you see on your quest for full-time employment? If you are not seeking full-time employment, you may skip this question.
Your answer
How can SCLA help with this issue?
Your answer
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