Region 1 Behavioral Health Consumer Survey
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Where did you receive services? *
What service (s) did you receive?
"I like the services I received here?" *
"Staff were willing to see me as often as I needed." *
"I was able to get the services I thought I needed." *
"I could schedule my appointments within my schedule." *
"I felt comfortable asking questions about my treatment." *
"I felt free to complain." *
"Staff encouraged me to take responsibility for my life." *
"I, not the staff, decided my treatment goals." *
"Staff were sensitive to my cultural background." *
"Staff helped me get the information I needed to manage my illness." *
"The program has helped me improve my behavioral health." *
"My treatment goals were based on my strengths and needs." *
"Staff were sensitive to any trauma I have experienced." *
"I felt safe to open up about any abuse or trauma." *
Does your provider meet your technology needs as they relate to your services?
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